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Notice of Conditions for Contributing Annotations to MendelWeb

You are now in the part of MendelWeb that allows you to make annotations for other users to read. To do so, just specify the word to which you would like to link to your commentary, and then compose the text that will be your comment. MendelWeb will take care of the rest, and will activate any uniform resource locators (urls) you include in your comment.

You are free to contribute annotations whenever you like, but please do so only if you think they will be of help to other readers (whether students, teachers or researchers). Similarly, please be as clear as you can so that everyone can benefit as much as possible from your annotation. MendelWeb requires that you give some sort of name and address, and this information will appear with your comment; note that MendelWeb also logs the name of the machine from which you sent your comment. By agreeing to these conditions you acknowledge that the text you contribute to MendelWeb is not owned exclusively by you, but becomes the property of MendelWeb as well. Like everything else in MendelWeb, your comments may be freely accessed by anyone who visits and/or studies here.

Keep in mind that the annotation program is reading text prepared in hypertext mark-up language (html), and so when you specify a word for your hyperlink, and if that word contains special characters like umlauts or circumflexes, make sure to spell the word as it is written in html. For example, to comment on the name Gärtner, make sure to spell it "Gärtner". A list of special html characters is available here, as part of the larger introduction to html at the National Center for Supercomputing Activity.

Finally, MendelWeb may refuse some comments, and will periodically delete links and comments thought to be inappropriate to the educational goals of MendelWeb. I apologize if you find these conditions harsh; the alternative was to require users to pre-register in order to contribute, and I didn't like that idea.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please send me e-mail.

MendelWeb was conceived and constructed by Roger B. Blumberg