The people, texts, and events briefly described in the MendelWeb Timeline, and the links to sources of information that elaborate and explain them, are not meant to be exhaustive in any sense. The timeline is merely designed to reflect, and motivate studies of, some of the things that were happening while Mendel was alive. If you find errors, or siginificant omissions, please let me know. Similarly, if you know of pages that would be useful and informative annotations or elaborations as links from any of the events mentioned in the Timeline, please send their urls. Thanks.

As you can see, the MendelWeb Timeline is still being constructed.

Most of the links in the MendelWeb timeline will take you away from MendelWeb, to a variety of sites around the world. You may want to save this page or the MendelWeb homepage as a bookmark, so that if you keep making connections (or are just interested in surfing a while), you will be able to easily find your way back. A selection of sites to which the Timeline is linked is available.

Finally, I used a great number of print and electronic resources to compile (and check) the Timeline, but the books by Trager, Wetterau, Grun, and Hellemans & Bunch were particularly helpful (and fun). The biographical information about Mendel comes primarily from Iltis [1966], Orel [1984], and Olby [1985].

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