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MendelWeb's Statistics Calculation Page

"And if someone would doubt my results, I should say to him: "Let us calculate Sir": and thus by taking to pen and ink, we should soon settle the question." (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, from "Preface to the Universal Science" (1677))

"I do not understand how we can teach practical and exact science on the basis of statistics." (Claude Bernard, from An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine (1927))

(For more quotations, try the Random Statistical Quotation server at Arizona State University.)

You can use this page to calculate averages (means, medians, and modes), along with variance and standard deviation, using your own numerical data or the numbers given below.

Choose (by clicking) the statistics you would like to compute (you may choose more than one):

mean median mode

variance & standard deviation
sample variance & standard deviation

Enter your data in the field below, or use the data that's already given. Keep in mind that while a decimal point are considered a numeric character by this program, a comma is not; so 23.46 is fine, but please write 3000 rather than 3,000 for three-thousand. Finally, the numbers you enter must be separated by one or more whitespaces (newline characters don't count):

Press to submit this data, or to erase it.

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