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The MendelWeb Data Page (someday)

When I first thought about building MendelWeb, I had planned to include interactive computer simulations of Mendel's experiments as part of the web site. But midway through the programming I was upset both by the realization that the Web did not yet allow for the kinds of open-ended simulations in which I was interested (this was when Java was still just a euphemism for coffee), and by the feeling the simulations would be misleading without the presence of actual experimental data from people trying to replicate Mendel's experiments. Hence, this

Call for Participation:

On this page I would like to post, or have links to, experimental data collected by students and teachers replicating Mendel's experiments with garden peas. The peas (specifically the Thomas Laxton variety) are widely available, and quite inexpensive, and I'll even supply them if you're willing to begin these experiments. I am looking for schools and/or small groups willing to grow the peas over several years, to keep careful accounts of their results and activities, and to either send their data to MendelWeb or post it on a Web server.

I'm afraid I cannot offer any financial support for this (other than the peas), since MendelWeb is sadly but thoroughly unfunded. Still, I hope you'll consider putting together a class, or community, willing to undertake and report on your own experiments with plant hybrids.

If you're interested, please send e-mail to, or paper mail to:

Roger B. Blumberg
Department of Computer Science
Box 1910, Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

MW Table of Contents Reader's Mendel MW Timeline Table of Contents for Mendel's Paper

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